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A selection of photos I was commissioned to take in Mali and Burkina Faso of festivals, performances, rehearsals, residencies, and workshops.

The 2010 African Dance Biennale (Danse l’Afrique Danse) took place in Bamako, Mali, and brought together dance companies and soloists from across Africa, as well as special guests and work by the emerging generation of choreographers in Mali.

Dense Bamako Danse is the annual dance festival run by choreographer Kettly Noel. In 2011 Kettly relocated the festival to the local neighbourhood of Magnambougou, one of the oldest districts of Bamako. Young choreographers and dancers from Mali, Haiti, Madagascar, Nigeria, Spain and Italy danced under the stars in the rue Ecoma – attracting enthusiastic audiences of around 1,500 local people each night. The festival also spilled out beyond the main stage to find new audiences with site-specific works created for local open spaces, school playgrounds, family courtyards and the street.

Recréatrales is a biennial theatre festival in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. For ten days, one street in the suburb of Gounghin hosts the festival, and family courtyards are converted into simple, outdoor performance spaces, whilst the local bars and restaurants became the hub of late-night conversations, eating and drinking.

FITD (le Festival international de théâtre pour le développement) also takes place in a suburb of Ouagadougou, with a satellite project in the village of Gana, about 60km from the capital.

Finally, there are some images of dance workshops at Bougou Saba, a small cultural centre in Siby, Mali, that hosts regular programmes for artists.